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Many people in the US show appreciation for their mother on the second Sunday of May. While Mother’s Day may be more commercial, and directed differently than originally intended [ref], I will use the day to thank two women, both mothers, who have made and continue to make a significant impact on my life.

First and foremost is my own mother. She brought me into this world, helped raise me (along with my other brothers) and did her best with what she had (sometimes with more than what she had) in order to give me what I required to succeed at a young age. Sadly, recalling concretely how my mother has impacted my life is rather difficult as I am not aware of all the decisions she made on my behalf while I was unable to comprehend them. I do recall, however, after my parents divorce when money was no longer in abundance, a handful of situations where my mother made financial compromises in order to provide me with the essentials for the sports I played, the classes I took, or the other activities I participated in. Most notably she gave in to my request (possibly demand) for broadband Internet thus allowing me learn and explore new facets of technology at a pace that kept me glued to the computer. My mother, whether intentionally or not, gave me many freedoms to do what I desired. This freedom significantly contributed to my independence, which I strongly feel has helped me throughout my adult life. My mother has helped shape me as a person and as such I am incredibly grateful for her impact on my life.

By high school I was a fairly independent person. Due to having access to a car that I paid for, in combination with having two homes not more than ten miles apart, I effectively removed any method of discipline my parents wanted to enforce. While I was occasionally disrespectful to my parents at this time, that disrespect was never directed toward anyone else. When I started dating my high school girlfriend, I was quickly welcomed into her family. As such, Cheri, my high school girlfriend’s mother, became like a second mother to me at a time when I most needed it. There are numerous times that Cheri (and Tom, but this is Mother’s Day) encouraged, supported and pushed me to accomplish something. Most notably, Cheri ensured I completed what was necessary to apply for college, when the thought never significantly occurred to me. I distinctly remember sitting in their office on the day of the (extended) UC application deadline being pushed to finish my personal statement, and going through a number of revisions with her. The support I received from Cheri that day may very well have had the single largest impact on my future, and for that I am eternally grateful to Cheri, my second mother.

Both these women, have played a crucial rule in my life. My mother playing a significant part in shaping who I am, and Cheri in pushing me to a brighter future. I would not be where I am today without the numerous things that these women have done for me. Thank you both for everything you have done. I love you both. Happy Mother’s day.


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