Paper writing is a time of absolute procrastination and major productivity with everything but the paper it self. The following is the list of things I’ve accomplished since setting out to write my paper.

  1. Put together my new computer (I’ve restrained from installing everything as I don’t have my hard drive yet)
  2. Drink
  3. Go to a few parties
  4. Sleep
  5. Watch tv
  6. Drink
  7. Come up with an idea for a new service
  8. Register
  9. Register
  10. Setup sedo for parking my unused domains
  11. Create a very basic layout
  12. Sleep
  13. Watch tv
  14. Add ads to the site
  15. Create a better layout
  16. Add my data to the site
  17. Birthday party
  18. Move content to a database

And finally write this entry. What a weekend. The good news is only five pages left to go.


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