I finished my paper before class Wednesday morning and it felt so good to be done. The disappointing thing is I had another paper due the next day for my Shakespeare class however this one was much easier to accomplish.

One thing I noticed is I have not added content to my site since my paper was done. This further shows that I accomplish a lot more work when I’m procrastinating.

In between my two papers I had time to finally setup the rest of my computer as I received my hard drive and new mouse. For those of you that aren’t aware my main operating system is Ubuntu which is one of the best personal GNU/Linux distributions. In addition to Ubuntu I dual boot with windows mainly for games which I am getting back into with this new computer. As I have a beta copy of vista I also made space and threw that on there.

For comparison here are screen shots of my three desktops:

Windows Xp

Windows XP Screenshot

Windows Vista

Windows Vista Screenshot

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Screenshot

This is the operating system. It may not be as pretty as the others but it is much more reliable, and installing software couldn’t be easier. I feel that the majority of people using Windows basically use it for email, internet and occasionally word processing or spreadsheets. Ubuntu offers all of this out of the box and sets up most hardware on install so no need to find all those driver CDs.


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