While updating priceTrackr tonight I noticed that newegg has dropped their prices for the Intel Core 2 Duo series processors. I think I’ll still wait awhile before I make my next upgrade.

The changes are as follows:

  • X6800 dropped $105.01 - now $1149.99
  • E6700 dropped $99.01 - now $599.99
  • E6600 dropped $89.01 - now $369.99
  • E6400 dropped $39.01 - now $259.99
  • E6300 dropped $10.01 - now $218.99

My priceTrackr service is expected to launch on Monday once I complete the FAQ, About, and contact pages. It’s looking quite good though I must say and hopefully doesn’t have IE problems like this page. If you would like to beta test please contact me.


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