First I have to say Adam beat me to the post with his Snakes On A Plane review as I was fiddling around with some other stuff which I will explain in a moment.

The movie pre party entailed Adam and Scott getting home with Demarco and immediately shouting “Snakes on a Plane, let’s go!” I ran downstairs and quickly attempted to drink a screw driver which I failed at thus resulting in me pouring the rest in a water bottle for the car ride. We arrived at the theater at about 9:10 and a line had already formed outside. This was the most unorganized line imaginable, but none the less Isla Vista was rallied for battle. Were were armed with various weapons as some wielded beer (natty light of course), some vodka (probably popov) and others weed (not too sure on this but most likely cheap stuff). We were prepared to attack um, well… the silence.

Every minute was filled with someone shouting “Snakes on a plane” and of course performing Samuel L. Jackson impersonations. Finally the time arrived when we could enter the theater. This was the most strange entrance as well because two of the auditoriums were showing the movie and we were free to chose which we wanted to enter. Once seated the troops were eager for battle; beer cans were popped, vodca was mixed, and joints started forming. I was armed only with my cell phone however later acquired some popcorn which was all I needed during this epic battle.

The Isla Vistians won the battle against the silence at Snakes On A Plane. We cheered and shouted at every opportunity. Naturally the hot girl was something to cheer for and we even broke out in Afternoon Delight at the appearance of David Koechner in nostalgia for his role in Anchorman. We made sure everyone knew what snake vision was by yelling “snake vision” every time the view point changed to that of a snake, which apparently is green.

It was by far the best movie experience ever, which I think bias’s my opinion of the movie. To go in detail there were snakes, a plane, quite a lot of blood, a very nice looking pair of fake boobs (if they’re fake they better look nice), a chihuahua and a wanna be Bruce Lee. Without spoiling the movie I would definitely recommend seeing the movie so that you may formulate your own opinion and perhaps have a chance at an experience of a lifetime. Follow Isla Vista’s example and take on the silence.

Before I mentioned that I was armed with my cell phone and with this I took a few video clips mostly to capture the excitement of the moment. The reason why Adam beat me to the post is, one, because he wrote a lot less than me, and, two, because I had to figure out how to quickly transfer the videos from my phone to my computer and then find a way to convert them so that YouTube wouldn’t lose the sound. To make that part of the story short I invite you to experience the excitement of a movie with Isla Vistians.

One final thing I would like to say is that I obviously do not own the rights to the brief amount of movie footage shown in the clips. I merely attempted to capture the most invigorating moments of the battle of Isla Vista against the silence. At any request to remove an offending videos from YouTube I willingly will do so.

Now go see the movie! “Mother f***ing snakes on a mother f***ing plane!”


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