I took a drive down to Ventura with my girlfriend this weekend and I must say that some people need to learn some common courtesy driving rules. Mainly moving to a right lane if someone is approaching from the rear so as to avoid the dangerous passing on the right move. This driver that I initially zipped up behind refused to pull over for the duration of the drive. Upon realizing that passing this driver on the left would be difficult I performed a few actions in hopes of persuading the driver to move over. The actions include tailgating and the back up, close in method of which neither proved successful. I’m not sure if this driver was oblivious to my attempts or was single-handedly trying to stop me from passing, but not only did he refuse to move over to the right, he also moved into a newly opened left lane rather than allowing me use of this lane to pass.

To greater explain the situation there was a good quarter of a mile in front of his car, and there was plenty of room for him to move to the right. Of course the means that I could have easily passed on the right, but despite Section 21754 stating that it is legal, the move is dangerous and makes it more difficult for these drivers to move over due to passing cars on the right. Further more this perpetuates the problem as in time these drivers will assume that others will pass on the right; I call this suffering from passing on the right syndrome.

I’m not suggesting it should be illegal to drive in the fast lane but rather suggesting be courteous (and safe) by moving over when approached by a faster moving vehicle so that the faster driver may pass safely. If you feel the need to get back in the fast lane after allowing the driver to pass on the left then by all means treat yourself.

I’ve recently read the Code of Hammurabi and I think a good punishment for failure to yield to faster drivers would be for every car that passes you on the right your auto insurance increases one percent. Seems pretty fair, and much better than impalement, although I wouldn’t mind that either.


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