After at least two years of avoiding MySpace I finally did the unthinkable and created a profile. Now you may be thinking “why”, or “are you mad” however I assure you that I had good intentions to do so and I am not completely mad.

The main reason behind partaking this horrific task is for work. I am contracted by a social networking company in which I will be testing some stuff that involves MySpace. It would be quite difficult to perform these tasks without an account, however I realize creating a fake account is not difficult, and could even help me pick up little boys or girls, if I were into that (see below). But I sustained refrained from creating a fake account because I figure I can draw traffic here with my MySpace profile. The second reason for creating a MySpace account is because I figured I should try it before I continue to put it down.

Well I have now tried it, and I stand behind myself, if that’s possible, when I say MySpace is terrible. On my first visit I was quickly bombarded with a page full of advertisements which weren’t regular text or picture advertisements but rather pages filled with flash advertisements. Because of these flash advertisements my CPU resources were quickly filled immediately disappointing me. I understand the need for advertisements, especially when MySpace is ranked the #6 website for traffic globally, however MySpace has taken this beyond ridiculous which is light years away from acceptable.

The second thing that made my MySpace experience unsatisfying was their user interface which partially has to do with their advertisements. Changing settings, finding people and adding friends is not as intuitive as it should be. A visit to “home” is required before changing any settings which could easily be fixed by a user bar. The search bar at the top is set to search the web as default rather than search for stuff on MySpace. I see no reason to search the web from MySpace. Finally once I’ve found a friend I must view their profile before I can chose to add them as a friend.

A few other things that irritate me is their layout which is far to cluttered. This along with their bombardment of advertisements makes it easy to avoid MySpace. Of course they don’t ruin the profile pages in this way, but rather leave this up to the user’s almost inevitable devastation, such as in my brother’s MySpace.

With that being said my MySpace account will be used only for testing, and referring people to here and priceTrackr.

If my mention of picking up little boys or girls didn’t irritate you slightly please read this article titled “A Call For Justice” written by a member of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association). Basically NAMBLA members feel that they are a social minority just as homosexuals were/are and wish to challenge laws pertaining to man/boy love. Unfortunately their cause is a dead end as unlike homosexuals, their partner is not fighting for the same cause. I have not once heard about a young boy who wishes to be with an elder man. Further more I speculate problems with any such relationship once the boy becomes a man.


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