It’s been awhile since my last blog post, in fact it’s been a few weeks since I felt I’ve done something productive. Of course I make progress with tasks at work, and make small changes to web sites I maintain, but nothing I’ve worked on recently has brought me much excitement, and thus I’m ready for school to start. With school I know there will be programming assignments, and as long as they involve something new I will receive a sense of accomplishment.

Last week brought some excitement, however it wasn’t that special kind of excitement. Our house was searching for a used kegerator and last Sunday we finally acquired one. To add to the excitement we mistakenly filled a 5 pound CO2 tank with 7 pounds. This caused the pressure relief valve to blow in the cabin of Adam’s car while he was driving. No one was hurt in the process, and I couldn’t stop laughing once I manged to get out of the oxygen less car.

The pressure relief valve, if I’m identifying the part correctly, is a plug that screws into the valve stem with a metal plate that covers a hole. When the pressure becomes too great (3000 PSI on our model), the plate bursts releasing CO2 thus decreasing pressure, but also making the tank unusable until the pressure release valve is replaced.

Thankfully the CO2 place had a replacement valve, so we had it repaired and filled, thus allowing us to have cold beer on tap Wednesday night. The initial thrill of the kegerator meant consuming a good quantity of beer each night until tonight which I decided to stay sober as there is no need to drink tonight.

In addition to this I purchased a pretty sweet used road bicycle which officially begins the Bryce needs to exercise so he can afford to drink beer and eat cookies movement. I now realize why bicyclists older than 18 wear helmets; these things are quite fast, and not nearly as maneuverable as a mountain bike or any other bike I’ve ridden. Once I get a helmet, some gloves and new tires, I am quite confident I’ll be bicycling all over Santa Barbara, and can eat all the cookies I want.


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