Upon celebrating Adam’s 20th birthday last night the question regarding the proper name of a protrusion caused by the zipper of pants came up. Growing up in the Rancho Bernardo area of San Diego I was familiar with the term ‘jeaner wiener’ and hence forth would not accept anything less fitting to describe this very common occurrence.

Anyways while outside I brought up the term jeaner wiener to which many were stunned as they were not familiar with it. I briefly explained jeaner wiener and a majority of those present accepted it as the appropriate term, however Scotty was not one of them. Scotty insisted that this occurrence is known as moose knuckle and I immediately refuted his argument as it made no sense. After a few minutes of argument we discovered we were not on the same page. After all was said an done this is what we established:

Camel toe — despite what others may think, camel toe is reserved for women only.

Moose knuckle — same form as camel toe, however used when describing the occurrence for men.

Jeaner wiener — a single protrusion caused by a folded zipper which can apply to both men and women, and usually only occurs when sitting down.


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