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November 11th I’ll be participating in the Southern California Regional ACM programing competition. This is my second time competing as well as Adam’s. One of our practice problems involved finding if a wall blocks the path between two points. At the time the only way I could think of doing this involved solving for the intersection, and then checking to make sure the intersection point is contained within the domain and range of both segments.

Upon looking at the solution I noticed whoever wrote it had a method called signedarea which I was determined to figure out as the solution was much more elegant than mine. After searching this morning I came across a simpler way (and this) to determine if two line segments intersect.

The solution involves determining if three points are listed in a counterclockwise order. So say you have three points A, B and C. If the slope of the line AB is less than the slope of the line AC then the three points are listed in a counterclockwise order.

This is equivalent to:

def ccw(A,B,C):
    return (C.y-A.y)*(B.x-A.x) > (B.y-A.y)*(C.x-A.x)

You might be wondering how does this help? Think of two line segments AB, and CD. These intersect if and only if points A and B are separated by segment CD and points C and D are separated by segment AB. If points A and B are separated by segment CD then ACD and BCD should have opposite orientation meaning either ACD or BCD is counterclockwise but not both. Therefore calculating if two line segments AB and CD intersect is as follows:

def intersect(A,B,C,D):
        return ccw(A,C,D) != ccw(B,C,D) and ccw(A,B,C) != ccw(A,B,D)

I’ve created a python script which demonstrates this algorithm.


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