This weekend was glorious. My little brother came up to visit, and when I say little I only mean younger because he is definitely not little. He brought two of his friend’s who also were of about the same size thus making me feel small which typically doesn’t happen.

Anyways, Saturday night after some refreshing beverages from our keggerator, Scott and I headed out to the THUNDERDOME, to see Jon Stewart. We arrived far too early because it said on the ticket curtain was at 8 and the doors would be closed then, but that was not the case. Jon did not come on until 8:30 to a huge roaring of a mostly UCSB student audience.

The first thing he mentioned was the cheesy stage as it was bordered with plants to give it a garden feel, I suppose. He followed by discussing the Thunderdome and our mascot the Gaucho, which is an Argentinian Cowboy.

Brief intro clip I found on youtube.

He then discussed politics starting by off with a bit he did on Thursday’s Daily Show and, of course, making fun of Cheney and Bush. This went into views about homosexuality which transitioned into Boy Scouts with him saying, “the definition of gay isn’t same sex intercourse, it’s thousands of young boys wearing neckerchiefs, eagerly awaiting next year’s jamboree” and finishing with “I honestly think you have to fuck a dude for a merit badge in Boy Scouts.”

The war on terror was discussed with him saying, “here’s when you know the war that you’re involved in is a somewhat unreasonable proposition: when Germany doesn’t want to fight.” Later in the night, as expected, a drunk girl wandered into the $500 seat section finding a seat on the floor and then was escorted away by the police; it just wouldn’t be IV without drunk girls and police.

Jon then discussed technology and talked about Y2K, which then transitioned into his personal Mac experience which then he finally ended with some Jew comedy.

After leaving the stage he returned to say a few words about things getting better which he connected to how things have been not so great over the past few years with the previous republican ruled houses and the Bush administration.

Overall I enjoyed the comedy and it’s great to say I saw Jon Stewart live. I think some of his material could have been a bit stronger, or maybe slightly more researched as he seemed to be unaware of the overwhelming support for legalized marijuana in Santa Barbara. Either way I hope he mentions his visit on his next Daily Show.

Some highlights of Jon Stewart at UCSB.


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