Well the first part of this post was supposed to occur directly after my previous post (11/21) however with many distractions it never made it to the website. To make a long story short our house got a Wii on the second day of its release, and it’s glorious; plain and simple. At the moment we only have Wii Sports, but there are plans of Zelda Twilight Princess, Madden 07, and of course, when available, Mario World and Super Smash Brothers.

Now we’ve all seen the stories where Wii motes go flying across the room, and unfortunately they sometimes hit the TV. This afternoon while in my room I heard a loud ‘ting’ and then some crashing downstairs whilst Adam was playing the Wii. I immediately knew what had happened. Adam and his sweaty hands caused the Wii mote to slip and fly into a 1.75 liter highlighter-water filled Jose Cuervo handle knocking it over, causing another controller to fall to the ground (the crashing I heard). Luckily the bottle did not break on controller impact or fall from the shelf it was on, but the same cannot be said for our Wii mote as it was mostly destoryed on impact. As this was our only Wii mote Adam quickly called in Nintendo, to which I was impressed by their professionalism, as a new Wii mote is on it’s way!

Flying Wii motes aside, this quarter has almost come to an end, with tomorrow being my last final. Adam, Scott and I finished our last ECE 152 lab which involved implementing a serial adder, and a BCD counter using 2 MUXs, some registers and a RAM chip. This lab required us to write a C interface to flash the RAM for the selected system as well as provide the input and read the output from the system. I’d have to say the interface I wrote was pretty sweet, but nothing spectacular as it was only text based.

In my CS111 class I was very pleased to find out we could chose between a final project or a final exam. I of course chose the final project, which I completed recently. The final project required us to denoise an image, which unfortunately didn’t involve and spectacular programming skills but more so math skills. To compensate for the lack of a programming challenge I wrote my own BMP file reader and writer to which I may extend to a very light C++ image library, once I can sucessfully read and write many other mainstream file formats such as gif, jpeg, and png.

Finally as nearly bi yearly tradition I must go 100% Mario 64 before the end of this quarter’s finals. The last time I performed this act was Winter Quarter Finals my freshmen year, and I’m 14 stars from 120. I must say this game gets much easier in time as I can 100% levels now in about 30 minutes, though this is probably my eighth time 100% the game.

Merry Christmas!


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