I knew I forgot something else that I wanted to put in my previous post. Sunday December 3rd our Gaucho Soccer team defeated UCLA in 27 degree weather for the NCAA Championship. Scott Adam and I contemplated driving all night to St. Louis when we learned of our shoot out victory over Wake Forest Saturday. However since we would have had to beat the google maps estimated time we decided against it; though I thought we could make it.

We settled for watching the game on TV, and it was the most glorious soccer game we’ve seen. In the first five minutes we scored and over the period of the game we had many more attempts than UCLA. It was nerve racking once UCLA scored however, we were still up one, and as the minutes ticked down we found ourselves victorious.

Our school stopped UCLA from attaining their 100th NCAA Championship as we doubled our number of championships to 2. It was an exciting week as we got free ice cream and free t-shirts. I joked with Adam and Scott about how we first be UCLA in the programming competition and then beat them on the Soccer Field.

And now a video of the celebration after the game. We finally marched the goal post through Isla Vista and threw it off the bluffs to the ocean.

Congrats UCSB Soccer! I can’t wait for next season.


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