It’s been a very long time since my last post, and I felt I would take this brief break to share how my life’s been in the last month and a half.

I went to San Diego for the first part of my Christmas break and saw my dad. From there I was supposed to fly through Denver to Omaha, however my flight was canceled due to lots of fluffy water. Luckily my flight wasn’t a few hours sooner otherwise I would have been stuck in Denver for a few days. I was able to get a flight the next day with Southwest, thus reminding me to never fly United again because their customer service is terrible.

Nebraska wasn’t too bad because I was with most of my family, except for my dad; and much of this family I haven’t seen in over five years. I also turned 21 while in Nebraska so it was even more fun being able to go to bars. My trip to Nebraska was only a week long to which I returned to San Diego to hang out and drink with my good friend Buz as this was the first time we could legally drink together. I then headed back to Santa Barbara with a stop off at what I sometimes refer to my other parent’s house. I say this because they’ve greatly contributed to where I am today, and without them I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.

Following this I came back and spent New Years with my girlfriend and eagerly awaited school to start because I get bored when there isn’t much to do. Well I got what I wanted which was a loss of boredom, and in addition a lack of free time. This is the first quarter in awhile that I’ve taken four courses and thus am feeling a bit overwhelmed, hence the quarter from hell, though I’ve managed thus far. I say thus far because next week I have two projects due and three midterms on Thursday. It’s going to be a very long week followed by much rejoicing, and by rejoicing I mean drinking.

On a plus side I have an interview with Microsoft for an internship in Redmond Washington this summer. I was not expecting to get an email so it was a nice surprise. Now though I don’t care for Microsoft Windows much as I prefer Ubuntu for my desktop, I think as an employer Microsoft is among my top few choices.

On another note, priceTrackr is officially down, due to my hosting company complaining that I’m using too many resources which I think is BS, but unfortunately that doesn’t matter to them.

So that’s all, until next time, which hopefully will come sooner.


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