It is a well known fact that weekends in Isla Vista start on Thursday, despite that fact that people may have classes or work on Friday. To aid in Thursday night drinking the bars downtown have established Thursday as College Night thus further increasing the next day’s tardiness. Being an Isla Vista resident Thursday night’s are sometimes amazing and sometimes a pain in the ass. Amazing during those quarters when either there are no Friday classes, or when class doesn’t start until sometime after 11, and a pain in the ass when you have a midterm anytime on a Friday. As it turns out the good definitely outnumbers the bad, so I think Thursday night drinking will stick around for quite sometime.

It being summer and all I don’t have to worry about class tomorrow (only work) and thus I enjoyed a few games of beach view beer pong with some friends. It was a nice enjoyable night, and I arrived home around midnight to get some sleep. While doing some last minute surfing my house mates arrived home and the actions of one prompted me to write this entry.

I consider myself to be a casual drinker; I like having a beer at the end of the work day (yes we have beer at our work) and perhaps another if the time is appropriate during the week. My house mates on the other hand have the mentality that it’s pointless to drink a single beer if they aren’t intending on getting drunk. While I too like getting drunk at times (on the weekends), the difference between us is that I can be happy with just a single beer… or two.

This difference in drinking habits doesn’t cause any problems between us, but the point I’m building up to is what is the deal with people drinking to the point of vomiting? Once or twice to get a feel for one’s limit is acceptable, but almost every weekend? Perhaps my house mate has a weak stomach, but jeeze it’s just ridiculous.

Anyways that’s my little rant about that.


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