My undergraduate education at UCSB can simply be described as AMAZING. Achieving my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science over the past four years was the best time of my life. My memories of the time will last on forever and with social networking sites it will hopefully be much easier to remain in contact with all the wonderful friends I made over the years.

For future nostalgic purposes I will list some of the most memorable events in the past four years:

Freshmen Year:

  • Moving into FT and visiting UCSB for the first time
  • Meeting Adam and Scott at our first class
  • Thursday night Sushi at Somethings Fishy with my FT floor mates
  • Drinking for the first time with Buz in Flagstaff
  • Finding a place to live for the following three years (6660 Trigo A!)
  • Showing up half an hour late to my one hour CS30 midterm yet still receiving 100%
  • Learning to skimboard
  • Starting to work for WorldViz
  • Taking first place in the UCSB Programming Battle
  • Creating gauchoShare with Adam for CS50
  • Goleta Beach BBQ with Anacapa friends
  • The dining commons - late night at DLG, tuna melts at FT, pizza at Carillo, shake night at Ortega, tots, and so much more
  • Learning to program Java

Sophomore Year:

  • My first summer in Isla Vista with A.J. and Johnny
  • My first regional programming competition with Adam
  • Discovering that food was offered at company informational sessions
  • Discovering Natty Lite
  • Eating way too much Domino’s Pizza
  • Late night hangout sessions with friends from freshmen year in Scott’s room
  • Learning python and c/c++
  • Switching to Linux

Junior Year:

  • Taking Soc 152B
  • Developing priceTrackr while procrastinating writing a Soc 152B paper
  • Snakes on a Plane!
  • Jon Stewart at UCSB
  • Taking 5th place in a Southern California regional programming competition with Adam and Scott
  • UCSB Soccer National Champions
  • Early mornings in the digilab for ECE152A
  • Discovering better beer than Natty Lite - Mmm Blue Moon
  • Taking Compilers with Tim
  • Taking the GRE three days after I discovered I needed to take it
  • Spring Break at Avila Beach with A.J. Mike and Johnny
  • Being accepted into the 5 year BS/MS program
  • Taking Operating Systems with Ben
  • Having ridiculously long hair and keeping it out of my face with a beanie
  • Growing my first real beard

Senior Year

  • Watching my little brother ride his bike for the first time
  • Power Hours and 40 Hands over the summer
  • SIGGRAPH 2007 with WorldViz
  • Drinking with Professors at the CS BBQ and discovering they call us the Three Musketeers
  • Starting networking research in the current lab
  • OTT Wednesdays
  • Downtown Thursdays
  • CS176A - Networking
  • The return of American Gladiators
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Getting our home IP banned from UCSB’s network during CS176B
  • Hacking for CS177
  • Super Smash Brothers Brawl
  • Developing an awesome web scraping toolkit
  • Being partially responsible for getting lab computers blocked by
  • Being accepted in the the UCSB CS Ph.D. program
  • Interviewing and accepting my summer internship offer with Google
  • Working on my first research papers and having one accepted
  • Late nights in CSIL for CS176C
  • 50 Club at Study Hall IV and the following open bar 50 Club party
  • The IV Loop
  • Mimosas and Graduation
  • Sharing the last moments with many friends

I’ve probably missed a few things, but this is a solid start. Lastly I just want to thank all of my college friends for all the memories, which I will cherish for ever. I sincerely hope that we all stay in good contact with one another. Best of luck to all of you on your future endeavors.


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