As a twenty-two year old, I am fortunate to have not lost any close loved ones, however there have been four people who I was moderately close to that passed away. The first, whose name is escaping me, was in seventh grade when a fellow student who I shared classes, and occasionally ate with, died from cancer. The second and third were Angela Nguyen and Jonathan Kendall. I met Angela freshmen year of college and later Jonathan when she began dating him. They were traveling with some friends in the Bay Area during Winter break of our junior year when their vehicle rolled and engulfed in flames; three others survived. Finally a little over an hour ago I was told Jaymie Darrow, who lived a few houses down the street from me at UCSB, was found in the water near a La Jolla Palomar Mountain campsite. The cause of death is uncertain at this time, but it appears there was no foul play.

I would not say I was very close to any of these people at the time of their death, but nonetheless in each case I have been uneasy about how to react. It is sad to no longer have these people with us, but at the same time death is a part of life. I live life aware that I could die at any moment and when I think of my own death, I only concern myself with how others will react. Should I die tomorrow I feel my death would be a terrible burden on my parents, and others close to me, but that is my only concern.

Therefore when a person passes away, I try to think of how they would want us to view their death. Not knowing Jaymie very well, all I know is she was a highly energetic and positive person. From this I can only deduce that Jaymie would want us to think of her death in a positive light. Thus I have this to say:


I am glad I had the opportunity to meet you and hang out the few times that we did. Your death, as tragic as it is, will only strengthen my memory of you and the times we shared. This tragedy is a reminder that friends and family members will not always be around and therefore that we should make the most out of the time we have with them. Jaymie, you will be missed, but not forgotten.

Rest in peace.


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