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Damn it’s been over 8 weeks since I last wrote, and how I’ve missed it. As you may have guessed I’ve been terribly busy since my last post, especially in the most recent weeks. Since there is too much information for a single post, I’ll split up the last 8 weeks into a few segments starting with the end of summer.

I finished my Internship at Google and said goodbye to all the friends I made there. On my last day I gave a presentation on my summer at Google and what it was that I actually did. It went quite well, but prompted a few last minute changes to my work, a few of which I was unable to accomplish. I had my last Google meal at Lunch, my last Google iced mocha around 3:00, quickly followed by my last drinking at Google. Someone had purchased Rockband 2 that week, so we played that for a bit, and then we decided to head to In and Out for my last meal with Googlers. At In and Out I attempted to discover the name of a song that I had stuck in my head. Steve was able to contribute a few lines to the song, and Dan, after much convincing allowed us, with our slightly greasy hamburger hands, permitted us to look up the song on his Iphone. Dan had actually turned the ordeal into a bet, by saying we couldn’t find the name from a single query containing the fragmented phrases we had. Well he was wrong, and we quickly discovered that the song was Jukebox Hero, by Foreigner.

Later that evening I hung out with Julie and a few of her friends. We watched a movie with a ton of action, I mean it couldn’t get more manly. It definitely was not Step Up 2: The Streets ;) We later played a game of Kings Cup which I believe I lost. I must have shouted “Light up the eyes boys!” a few times, as we put 3 Ninjas on in the background. After the game and the movie I said my goodbyes and headed home.

Saturday afternoon I spent packing and cleaning which wasn’t terribly exciting. That evening I went up to Berkeley one last time to hang out with Mira, Bung and Reina. I ended the summer the same way I started it, by playing pool at a bar, crashing at Mira’s, finally followed by breakfast the next morning. Yet again I said my goodbyes, and headed back to Los Altos Hills for the last time. From there it took me a few hours to load up my things and hit the road for Santa Barbara thus ending my summer.

The summer of ‘08 was by far the best summer since the summer of ‘04 in which I went to Hawaii. I had the opportunity to meet a ton of new people, and experience an internship like no other. Sadly, unless I work for Google again, or another Googley company, I likely wont have any other experience similar to it. That however, wont stop me from making the most of whatever situation I find myself in.

Up next: Between Google and School


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