This is a ridiculously silly post however I predict it will work out in my favor and if not at least it only required a minuscule amount of my time. Besides I needed something to post on my blog anyway.

I was just texting with a friend who happens to be learning C++ in which I wanted to text her, “the STL is your friend when you figure it out”, however at that point in the message I was over the dreaded 160 character limit thus I shortened that to “the STL is your friend WYFIO”. I immediately sent a second message defining WYFIO and laying claim to defining the acronym. You’ll note I’m not laying claim to the first use of the acronym; that’d just be ridiculous. ;)

My next thought process was that someone else had to have already defined this particular acronym. However a Google, bing, and YAHOO! search turned up no results save for this one (post #2) which uses the acronym in the same way I am, but fails to define it.

Let it be known that here on this 9th day of February, 2010 I, Bryce Boe, first defined the acronym WYFIO as being short for “when you figure it out”.

I even previously tweeted this announcement just to lay my claim a tad quicker.


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