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Let me first start out by saying Google is AWESOME! I’ve always thought working for Google would be pretty sweet, but let me just say, that all the positive things people say about working for Google do not do it justice.

Anyway at Google they call their employees googlers and new googlers are called nooglers, so thus I am a noogler. For the intern nooglers their day starts at 10AM in which they setup their computer account, get their badge picture and then receive a brief tour of the campus’s main buildings. Following the tour we did the standard intern orientation, which included filling out necessary paper work, a fun exercise, and lunch.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, coffee, naked juices, and almost anything imaginable are all available free to googlers as well as their guests. There is no badge swiping process so people are free to eat all day long, should they choose. This allows for what is known as the Google 15, which is similar to college’s freshmen 15; I better start making use of their exercise facilities. By the way, their cafes can be thought of as gourmet college dining commons.

Following orientation the engineers broke off from the business interns and were given a presentation on being an engineer at Google. It was really quite amazing though I can’t go into details. It’s quite surprising how open and trusting Google is with its nooglers. Another cool thing was one of the places near this lecture room was called the Hub which served free Starbucks style coffee, complete with baristas.

At the end of the lecture we were able to pick three free computer programing books, and then were directed to our working areas by our mentor/advisor/boss. I was surprised when I saw a 30 inch monitor sitting at my desk waiting for me along with my 4 core computer named Sybok. To end the day I took a few pictures and grabbed a light dinner; my grocery bill will be pretty cheap this summer :)

Tomorrow the noogler interns are going to Great America, which I haven’t been to since Space Camp. On Friday there is a TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) meeting in which Sergey and Larry (Google’s founders) will speak and the nooglers will have to wear cool Google hats with spinners on top. Oh and there is free wine and beer. I love Google.

A few other things that are awesome. In the middle of the main buildings is the most awesome sand volleyball court I’ve ever seen; the only thing missing is an ocean view. Additionally there are two endless lap swimming pools, complete with a lifeguard. All nooglers receive a coupon for a free one hour massage which I will be scheduling in the near future. Subsequent massages are reasonably priced for the hour. The list of awesome things can go on and on, but perhaps I’ll save some of them for another day. -Noogler out


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