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On Monday, I discovered pancake breakfast is pretty standard at the Moma Cafe and oh so delicious. Tuesday I had an awesome time playing volleyball. Lots happened Wednesday. I had my first experience with a modern bidet and I believe it went something like the following.

I went into the bathroom to deuce it up, and upon opening the stall I uttered, “what the fuck” which fortunately no one was there to hear. I was baffled because the back of the toilet seat had some sort of contraption, and there was a control box affixed to the side of the stall. Proceeding with caution I put the seat down, put a piece of the butt paper down and I sat upon the toilet. At this moment I let out a faint pleasurable “oooh” due to warm comforting feel of the seat upon my butt. Yes it was heated.

While I was doing my business I was checking out the controls to the side. I was quite intrigued by the button that read “rear cleaning” so after dropping the kids off at the pool I pressed the button. Next came the noise of the servo followed by a warm stream of water. I then proceeded to try the drier button but decided against the last button as I didn’t think a front cleaning would do me much good. Bidets are awesome.

Wednesday continued when three of my college friends, A, E, and M came to visit me for lunch. They were quite impressed by Google and seemingly determined that they picked the wrong choice of college major. I reminded them that Google hires non-computer science students as well, but they were skeptical.

Finally Wednesday at work ended amazingly as I had my free massage. Let me just say it was incredible and much needed after the soreness from Tuesday’s volleyball. Following the massage I met up with A, E and M that visited for lunch for dinner at a Chicago style pizza place called Patxi’s which was quite delicious. Damn, Wednesday was awesome.

Not too much exciting happened on Tuesday, I was just finishing up stuff for the long weekend, which the weekend was pretty awesome. Along with the A, E, and M I went into the city for the 4th. Because it was a pretty nice afternoon, and for other possibly dumb reasons, we decided to walk from basically the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a long, but enjoyable 6 mile walk. After reaching our destination I played a little flip cup and then the four of us headed toward Berkeley for fireworks and pizza. Saturday I worked on priceTrackr, and today I did a hike/walk of the Stanford Dish area with E.

Finally this evening I went to dinner in Newark with part of my second family. We had some delicious sushi of which I am still full, then went back and celebrated an early birthday followed by some wii Guitar Hero. Finally it’s bed time. Night.


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