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Last week wasn’t too shabby if you ignore the worrisome Wednesday. Not too much really happened, however I played volleyball on Thursday and that evening there was a booze cruise for the interns and, their hosts. As seemingly common with Googler only events, beer and wine were free. A few hours of Rock Band followed the bus ride back to Mountain View so we could sober up from the few drinks consumed on the 2000 person yacht.

Friday we had a TGIF which we followed by playing a little Rock Band. This weekend I was pretty lazy. as I watched a few movies, some Star Trek and finally a ton of Olympics. In addition I finally went through three years of papers I needed to file. Since I recently stopped receiving paper statements it was less filing and more shredding as I decided the majority of the stuff could be trashed. Thus I rid myself of approximately 4.5kg of paper. By the way on a side note I feel strongly that we need to switch to the metric system. So I’m going to attempt to use the metric system in all my writing.

I also finally backed up my pictures to Amazon’s S3 service. Currently I’m using s3fs along with rsync to handle this backup. This worked well for my pictures, however there were complications for some of the video files I have which are over 200MB. The next step is to backup all my College work and various projects, however the rsync method is less desirable for this as there are many small files, and I’m better off packaging them up into a larger compressed file.

I ended Sunday night by looking at a ton of cars and listing my car on craigslist. Having driven a Porsche for the last 6 years I have become accustomed to cars with exceptional handling. Thus I’m currently looking at Volkswagen Golfs and Audi A4s. I’m really open to anything, but we’ll see. I drove a 2003 Golf this afternoon which I really like. As one should be though, I’m concerned with what potential future issues the car will have. Fortunately I’m fairly frugal and with working at Google (perhaps I should surname my next car McDougal?) I’m not terribly worried about paying for future car repairs, but I would still prefer to avoid it as best as possible.

Well I think that’s all for last week. Hopefully I’ll have a car to write about next week. I’m open for unique car names as I never named my 944 and I think I should start off my next car properly.


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