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Two weeks into my Google Internship I, along with many other Googlers, became a holder of one very secret piece of information: Google Chrome. I’ve been dying to tell people about it all summer, fortunately I know better than to leak confidential information. However I no longer have to worry as Google Chrome was publicly announced today!

Apparently some snail mail was sent a little early so a few lucky people got their hands on the comic book earlier than expected, one of whom blogged about it. I didn’t even know that this book was being made. It’s kind of cool to find out stuff about the company you work for from third parties.

Anyway it seems the product is set to release tomorrow. I unfortunately wont receive immediate benefit from it since it’s currently Windows only. Having used it this summer, all I can say is it is awesome. The tabbed interface is very smooth and having each tab as a separate process is a brilliant idea. I cannot count the number of times that firefox crashes because of some JavaScript problem on one of the many webpages I have open at a time. On that note the JavaScript rendering in Chrome is unbelievably awesome. However it is still in beta, and as such is currently not up to par with the feature set that Firefox and Internet Explorer have, but I’m confident that it soon will be.

Check it out tomorrow!

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