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Today I had lunch at Google’s newest Cafe, Big Table. I headed there at noon and met up with some Santa Barbara Googlers. I didn’t eat that much since breakfast held me over quite well.

  • 2 Falafel patties(?) with Tahini and Yogurt Cucumber Mint Sauce
  • Caesar Salad with Caper Anchovy Dressing
  • 4 pieces of Tuna Poke Hand Roll
  • Plum Streusel Toffee Cake
  • A glass of strawberry lemonade

After lunch we explored the micro-kitchens in the nearby building because the word is they had Hershey and Dorito products which none of the other micro-kitchens have. It turns out this was correct so I treated myself to a tiny size Krackel bar, tiny bag of nacho cheese Doritos, a few peanut M&Ms and finally some organic jelly beans. I only had the M&Ms because they came out of a cool dispenser, rather than the fun size packages they have in my building, and the jelly beans because I had never had organic jelly beans before. They were quite good, but tasted more like a cross between jelly beans and fruit snacks.

Stay tuned for coffee/snack time, followed by dinner!


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