Edit 2009-11-10: priceTrackr is back! Follow-up post to come soon.

Edit 2009-09-16: I still notice quite a bit of traffic from digg to here which I appreciate. Before you go on your please note that priceTrackr has been down for quite some time as I haven’t been motivated to shell out a few extra bucks a month for better hosting. Additionally at this point in my life I would have to rewrite the entire project in django. Perhaps if enough people express interest in this it’ll be worthwhile. Otherwise thanks for visiting!

After weeks of work priceTrackr is finally ready for the public. I put off studying for tomorrow’s midterm to ensure the launch of priceTrackr. With priceTrackr live I can finally share the exciting details of priceTrackr, so without further adieu I present you with priceTrackr:

priceTrackr’s purpose is to aid consumers in the purchasing of newegg items. This is done this by graphically plotting the cost versus time over the duration of time which the item has been tracked. The graph displays the base cost vs time, savings cost vs time and finally the after rebates cost vs time. Each of these prices include shipping as that must be paid to receive the item.

That is the simplicity that is priceTrackr. In time new features will be added such as recommended purchases and best deals.

With that being said I would like to thank those that helped contribute to priceTrackr:

  • Adam — thanks for suggesting the web2.0ish name, as well as the other ideas you provided.
  • Bones and Doupé — thanks for all the constructive criticism as always.
  • Buz — thanks for checking the layout in IE7 for me.
  • Cheri and Tom — thanks for correcting my grammatical errors.
  • Mike — thanks for finding the no data bug.
  • Monica — thanks for putting up with loss in our time together due to my dedication to priceTrackr. Also thanks for sitting next to me and providing input while I changed the colors around for a few hours.
  • Shaun — thanks for looking over the project and for the input.

Now go check out priceTrackr.


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