So I left work a little early today because they weren’t serving dinner tonight and because I had some stuff to take care of. Most importantly I was contacted by this guy Tom, an EE major at University of Illinois, who would like to donate a server and help improve priceTrackr. So I of course was like hell yes, thus tonight I have been running a few scripts to start collecting some fresh newegg data.

After crawling the user comments pages I have gathered over 35,000 unique newegg product IDs with which we could seed our crawl with, thus essentially eliminating the need for the user submitted add item page. However I don’t think we’ll quite have the resources to update all these items multiple times in a day, but one never knows. Maybe we’ll start small and make a decent amount of ad revenue to warrant switching to a cloud computing server structure. That would be pretty sweet, but of course we must start with baby steps.

Anyway I’ll make updates with priceTrackr’s progress along with everything else. Jeeze 3 posts this week; one might start to think I have nothing better to do ;)


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