I drive a 1985 ½ Porsche 944 (the ½ is very important) which I purchased my junior year in high school. You might be wondering how I could afford a Porsche at such a young age, as I wondered the same thing when I saw the classified for it. The catch is these cars are quite cheap, monetarily speaking. Nonetheless their cheap price does not make them any less fun to drive.

I’ve had my 944 for just about four years and it still gets me where I need to go. I make trips to San Diego about four times a year and about one trip a year to San Francisco without any problems. All in all, not including gas (it gets around 30 mpg highway), I’ve spent under $5000 on the car; not too shabby.

Anyway, this weekend my girlfriend and I were volunteers at the German Autofest which basically meant directing Porsches where to park. That wasn’t too exciting however afterwards I managed to snap a few shots with my phone.

356 Super 90 Cab 356 SC Blue 911 SC
944 S2 997 Turbo Porsche Shell Racer

If you look at the picture with the blue 911 SC you’ll see my car hidden behind it.

In other news I added a Daily Drops section to priceTrackr. With this I’ve noticed some strange behavior which I’m going to have to figure out how to compensate for. The main issue is a problem with Newegg raising prices for a few hours and then dropping them. This could show up as a drop on the Daily Drops section but the graph may indicate a raise in price for the day. I’ll figure out what to do and fix this by the weekend.


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