Today was probably one of the worst Wednesdays I’ve had. First, I started the day off worried about my dad, which I wont go into details about. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep too well, however I spoke to him this morning and everything seems to be okay.

Second, while I was driving to work I heard a pop sound while shifting from first to second gear and then began to feel intense vibrations in my car which grew worse as the RPMs increased. Knowing that I have neglected to change my timing belt on my car I was worried that was the problem and that my engine would be ruined. However as it still seemed perfectly drivable I figured that chances of that were much less. I spent a good deal of this morning trying to figure out what was wrong and determining how much it would cost to fix. As it turns out it very likely was my balance shaft belt that broke, which is usually replaced at the same time as a timing belt, thus it means my timing belt is likely to break soon as well. Parts and labor to change them both will be approximately $500, which isn’t too bad, but I have been pondering upgrading to a newer car for quite sometime. I learned that I can get approximately $700 for junking my car, thus I think I’m going to try to sell it for slightly more on craigslist. If I don’t get a legitimate offer in a week then I’ll probably fix it.

Finally I was informed that Daniel put one of our dogs, Belle, down this afternoon as she had been having hip and eating problems. I never was really attached to Belle, nonetheless she is the first pet I had that lived out a lifetime. Before now I never really realized how short a dog’s lifespan is.

Anyways it really isn’t all that bad, as I also made some solid progress today at work, as well as enjoyed my evening catching up on the TV show Weeds. Nonetheless wtf kind of coincidence is it that all these things happened today?

Finally to provide a proper Wednesday WTF, I’m stealing one from thedailywtf:
The Dream Customer - A lady calls in customer support, for her computer I presume, because she cannot access the wireless internet. All in all it turns out she was paying for internet for two years, but had never connected her modem and was stealing the internet from a neighbor. This just goes to show you it’s not only the tech savvy one must protect their wireless internet from. It’s easy to think “wtf, how can one be so naïve?” However I don’t really feel this meets the wtf category as technology can be hard to understand. For this lady, she turned her laptop on, and simply connected to the internet, but the process was too simple that she didn’t realize she had done it improperly. After all, why fix something that isn’t broke?


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