I overheard a retold conversation between two people this afternoon. The conversation went something like this:

Person A: I just heard the most ridiculous thing.
Person B: Oh yeah, what is it?
Person A: My friend who works at [XYZ Coorporation] told me they discovered the problem as to why a few of their servers crashed. They found wood in the CPU socket.
Person B: They found what!?
Person A: They found wood.
Person B: You must be kidding me.
Person A: Nope. It would seem that the people who put together the servers stick all the memory chips in the slots at once, place a wood block across them, and then hammer them in. Apparently this sometimes causes splinters to fly off into other locations, and then in some cases the CPUs are added with little wood splinters in the socket, thus causing future issues.
Person B: That’s ridiculous.
Person A: Indeed.

What the fuck? Why aren’t they using a rubber block or something that doesn’t leave pieces behind. More so why are they hammering them in? I guess if your job all day is to place memory chips into the motherboard your fingers are likely to get sore. Nonetheless I agree with Person B, that’s just ridiculous.


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