A New York Time’s article today titled Wind Energy Bumps Into Power Grid’s Limits caught my attention. It seems that despite the ability to harness power from these resources we are unable to use them because of the inability to transport the power.

The power grid is balkanized, with about 200,000 miles of power lines divided among 500 owners. Big transmission upgrades often involve multiple companies, many state governments and numerous permits. Every addition to the grid provokes fights with property owners.

It’s times like this that living in a free market society sucks. Everyone is constantly trying to turn a nickel into a dime thus hindering the overall ability to accomplish things. I find myself thinking that despite all their problems, living in China wouldn’t be so bad. I don’t think they would have any problems running power lines.

So, what the fuck US? Stop bickering and arguing about whose power lines are whose or whose property is whose. Just build the damn power lines.


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