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First I’d like to mention the obvious; I sold the Porsche this morning. Hmm ok maybe that’s not the obvious. Anyway my 944 of 6 years is finally gone, and it’s sad. Maybe someday when I have money to play with and a child who is into cars I’ll get another 944. Onto the obvious news you’re probably thinking of; I changed the layout following a conversation with a Lauren who said the previous one sucked, which I agreed. Another slightly obvious is my lack of an update last week, so this one is a twofer.

Wednesday Art and Eric came to Google with their bowels full after reading about my bidet adventure. We ate a huge lunch, I gave them a little tour, and then they entered the post-bidet-experience world. On his way out Eric gave me two tickets to the Stanford vs. Oregon State football game which was the following night. That Thursday I played volleyball, and then took off a bit early to attend the football game with Julie which Stanford won. Friday after work I went to Chili’s with a Volley-oogler (I just made that up) followed by a few hours of open volleyball. This was the first time I had played indoor all summer, and damn it felt good.

Saturday I headed up to Walnut Creek to meet up with my high school friend Britt at her barbeque. I met some really cool people, did some back flips in the pool, whilst getting pretty hammered. Sunday morning I headed into Berkeley and met up with Mira, Bung, and Christine for breakfast. After Christine left, Mira, Bung and I headed into the city to meet up with Molly and Lindsey at Ocean Beach, where the wind was blowing hard making cool formations in the sand. We later went to sushi at an awesome place but I seem to have forgotten the name [update: Sushi Bistro — thanks Molly]. After dinner I met up with Swardlick and Adam E. We grabbed a drink at a bar and then went to see Pineapple Express. Following the movie we headed back to Swardlick’s sweet pad to have some gin and tonics. In the morning we went to a little breakfast place down the street, then I headed back to Los Altos Hills.

That brings me to week 11, in which there was the usual Tuesday volleyball. Wednesday the Google dodgeball league started and our team won our first match. Our Thursday volleyball game was canceled but it wasn’t too bad since we had another dodgeball match which we unfortunately lost this time. Friday was pretty much a double dose of a short day as I played volleyball in the morning and then took off early for an offsite with the Autotest team at a beach a few miles south of Santa Cruz. We grilled some steaks and drank until our livers quivered. Yesterday was simply a recovery day in which I watched quite a few episodes of House.

And that reminds me I forgot to mention I finished the Star Trek series The Next Generation a week or so ago which I had started over Christmas break. I’m pretty sure it’s all downhill from here with respect to Star Trek, but nonetheless I will complete DS9, Voyager and Enterprise before I am done with my Ph.D.. However my current TV adventure is catching up on House, which I just today finished the second season.

Finally, today as I already mentioned, I sold the 944. I also went to Google for some Sunday afternoon volleyball. After grabbing some dinner, I came back, watched some TV, and decided it was time for the two week update.

Entering week 12 means that I have two more weeks of summer, and more specifically two more weeks at Google. Breaking this down further: I have 4 more regular opportunities for Google volleyball, 10 more Google breakfasts, 10 more Google lunches, at least 8 more Google dinners and who knows how many more bidet experiences. In either case I’m going to make the most of these last two weeks, and enjoy as much as I can.


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